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Limited Companies

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Limited Companies exist as an entirely separate legal entity from the business owners. The company enters in to the contracts in its own name. All the company’s liabilities are the responsibility of the company not the directors or shareholders.  There is one exception if as a director of the company; you offer a bank or creditor a personal guarantee to repay company’s debt. In this instance you then become personally liable to pay debt if the company is not able to.


  • Limited companies have a perceived prestige over a Sole Trader or Partnership business.
  • The business has a limited liability. You are not personally liable for company debts, if for any reason the company is unable to clear all of its debts and ceased trading.
  • It can be more tax efficient to run business as limited company.


  • Being a director or shareholder of the company, your personal record will be held at company’s house and available for general public. You will have less privacy in company than in unincorporated business.
  • The professional cost to comply with legal requirements like preparing year end accounts and tax return can be higher than you would expect to pay if you were Sole Trader /Self-employed.
  • Any losses incurred in a company cannot be utilised by directors or shareholders in their personal tax return

It can be confusing what type of business to trade though when you first starting. We are happy to discuss your requirement and can guide you to choose the right option for your business whether to trade as a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited company.

If you have already formed a company and begun trading then we can still review your business structure to see if is organised in the most tax efficient way.

Whether you are the new or small limited company and looking to outsource all of your accounting needs, then London Accounting and Tax Services is the solution for you. We can take care of you at a low monthly fee.